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Airbnb paints an idyllic future on independent income. Until you list and realise the average host has an occupancy level of 19%. 

Add to this ignorance, id it arrogance, or laziness? I don't know. It's probably a combination. 

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  • It's a bit arrogant to tell you this book will unhassle your frustrations and worries. The fact that Agency.CapeHolidays launched 2009 with 10000s of guests at 4.9 out 5 reviews is not easy to duplicate. I suggest you look at the Table of Contents to see if the info will bring you the peace of mind. Reading this quick ebook will hopefully entertain, but most importantly tell you if you have what it takes and if your home will be a winner.
  • Most people think; "I have such a nice home! I'll make millions!" Not a bad attitude. But if fear, arrogance and ignorance drive you, you may end up next to Old Average Joe Airbnb who jumped on Airbnb wave but plods along at 17% occupancy ( study). Let this ebook give you more certainty. 
  • My sceptical friend; I understand. It's easy to win the ebook. And there is no obligation. You tell your friends about it, you win. I, hopefully, show you that we are genuine people who love what we do. Now have a look at the video I made just because I know you wanted more. 
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